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Oslo Airport Hotels: Best Places to Stay & Travel Tips

    Are you looking for a hotel near Oslo Airport? You are in the right place! Our comprehensive guide to Oslo Airport Hotels will provide you with practical and honest advice on the best accommodations in the area – the most affordable and comfortable options for those seeking convenience near the terminals. This is especially helpful if you have an early morning departure or a late evening arrival.

    In addition to our selection and review of the best hotels near Oslo Airport, you will also find some practical information on transportation. This includes details on shuttles that can take you to various hotels in the area, as well as transportation options to reach the city center from the airport. All of these recommendations have been tried and tested over years of travel experience, encompassing both business trips and leisurely visits to the vibrant city of Oslo.

    Oslo Airport, also known as Oslo Gardermoen Airport, is situated in the countryside, 45 km northeast of Oslo. As the main Norwegian airport, it offers daily connections to major cities within the country, as well as dozens of airports located in the more remote northern areas. Moreover, it serves as Norway’s primary international airport, with connections to all major European cities and various international destinations.

    Oslo Airport Hotels: Top 3 Hotels near Oslo Airport

    If you’re looking for Oslo Airport hotels within walking distance of the terminals, there are only three options: the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Oslo Gardermoen, the Radisson RED Oslo Airport, and the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Oslo Airport. These hotels are conveniently situated just a few minutes’ walk from the terminals, the train station for the city center, and various other public transport and car hire options.

    Be aware: all other hotels near Oslo Airport are not within walking distance. They are situated between 5 and 7 kilometers from the terminal. To reach these hotels, you’ll need to take the shuttle service that connects the terminal with the accommodation and car parks in the surrounding areas. Alternatively, you can opt for a bus or taxi. It’s essential to keep in mind that shuttle tickets start at 80 NOK (approximately $8), making it a rather pricey option.

    To go and return from the hotel to the airport (which is necessary, since to take the train to the city center you will have to go back to the airport), the cost is 160 NOK per person. This means that for a couple, it’s 320 NOK per person! On a positive note, children under 16 can travel for free with an adult. If you prefer a taxi, expect to pay at least 200-300 NOK. Additionally, factor in an extra 20 minutes for the journey, along with waiting time for the bus, which is typically around 30-60 minutes. Alternatively, there are some infrequent local buses available, and their tickets cost half of the shuttle fare.

    Note that there are no shuttles running between 01:00 and 04:00 in the morning. And for those choosing a hotel on the east side of the airport, the last shuttle ride (shuttle bus S22) is around 10.55pm. Given this, it is essential to carefully evaluate your accommodation choice. Personally, I have always preferred the convenience of staying right near the airport, primarily because the rates are quite similar. However, in this guide, you will find a selection of the best hotels near Oslo Airport, allowing you to choose what suits you best!

    Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Oslo Gardermoen

    Our top choice! The Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Oslo Gardermoen is undoubtedly the best hotel near Oslo Airport. Conveniently situated just in front of the terminals, it can be easily reached within a few minutes’ walk. A walkway easily connects it to the airport and this makes it the best solution for those seeking proximity to the terminal, especially for early departures or late arrivals.

    This modern hotel upholds the high standards of the renowned international Radisson Blu chain. The rooms are modern and incredibly comfortable, designed with excellent soundproofing and equipped with a minibar and complimentary coffee and tea. Families and guests looking for more space will appreciate the availability of spacious family rooms and suites, which come with a generously sized living area and work space.

    Catering to both business and leisure travelers, the hotel offers all the essential amenities one would expect from an airport hotel. Its restaurant serves a delectable array of Scandinavian and international dishes and stays open until 11 pm, a rarity in Norway where restaurants typically close early. Ample lounge areas provide a perfect setting for relaxation or work, and well-equipped meeting rooms are available for business needs. Additionally, there’s a fully equipped gym for those who wish to stay active during their stay.

    The hotel’s location couldn’t be more convenient, with the airport train station right in front of the entrance. It allows for a seamless 20-minute journey to the city center, making sightseeing and exploration a breeze. Notably, the continental buffet breakfast is excellent, offering a wide variety of choices to satisfy even those with early flights. Breakfast is served from 5 in the morning, ensuring guests can start their day energized and ready to go.

    For these reasons, the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel has consistently been my top choice for business trips to Oslo. However, it also serves as an excellent option for leisure travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and quality service.

    Radisson RED Oslo Airport

    The only Oslo Airport hotels located right next to the terminals are owned by the renowned Radisson chain. Just a 5-minute walk from the terminal, you’ll find two excellent hotel options: Radisson RED Oslo Airport and Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Oslo Airport. In fact, they are practically the same hotel!

    Regardless of your choice, you can enjoy the excellent facilities these hotels offer. The rooms are well soundproofed, featuring a modern and elegant design, a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer, and a courtesy set. The reception is open 24/7 with multilingual staff, and the hotels boast large and welcoming common areas. Additionally, there’s a good restaurant and bar on-site, while an excellent breakfast buffet is served starting from 5 in the morning. These hotels are incredibly popular with both leisure and business travelers due to their advantageous value for money, comfort, and practical location near the airport.

    Comfort Hotel RunWay

    As mentioned earlier, most hotels near Oslo Airport are situated a few kilometers away from the terminals, necessitating the use of a shuttle service (for an additional fee). Considering this, I have chosen to include only the Comfort Hotel RunWay in our personal TOP 3 list of the best Oslo Airport hotels. The main reason for this selection is that it generally offers the most competitive rates in the area, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

    To access the hotel, you can take a shuttle. The S44 goes to the western part of the airport, or you have the option of the bus n. 420, which costs half the price. This applies to all hotels located on the western side of the airport. The Comfort Hotel RunWay itself boasts modern amenities and provides comfortable, clean, and straightforward rooms.

    In the morning, they offer a good buffet breakfast that is included in the room rate. If you have an early departure, you’ll be pleased to know that a light breakfast is available as early as 4 in the morning. Furthermore, the hotel features a decent restaurant, and conveniently nearby, there’s a modest but surprisingly good and affordable Indian eatery.

    More Great Hotels near Oslo Airport

    Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

    Undoubtedly, the Thon Hotel Oslo Airport stands out as one of the finest hotels near Gardermoen Airport, boasting a prime location along the E6, the main road leading to the heart of Oslo. This hotel is distinguished by its great room quality and top-notch service, complemented by a contemporary design and an impressive breakfast buffet with a wide variety of options.

    Additionally, the hotel offers a decent restaurant, a bar, and a well-equipped fitness center. It caters to business travelers with its expansive lounge, meeting rooms, and conference center. Conveniently situated on the eastern side of the airport, the Thon Hotel is easily accessible by shuttle bus S22, which services all hotels in that area, with the last departure around 22:55.

    Thon Hotel Gardermoen

    Located nearby, the Thon Hotel Gardermoen is a budget-friendly and stylish hotel that has gained popularity, especially among families. Its family rooms are known for providing exceptional value, making it an attractive option for visitors. The hotel offers straightforward yet comfortable accommodations, accompanied by an excellent and abundant breakfast buffet, which is always included in the rate. An added bonus during the low season is the complimentary light dinner they provide, adding to the overall value. However, it’s worth noting that parking is not free and can be quite expensive.

    Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport Hotel West

    Among the best hotels near Oslo Airport, the Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport Hotel West stands out as one of the most popular choices. Conveniently located on the western side, it is easily accessible via the S55 shuttle, which exclusively serves the hotels closest to the airport along with the S44. For travelers arriving by car or those who have rented one, the hotel offers ample free parking, making it a great option.

    The hotel boasts a variety of amenities, including a good restaurant and a well-stocked bar. The rooms are thoughtfully designed with excellent soundproofing, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful stay. Guests can also enjoy a selection of premium drinks and cocktails at the sophisticated bar. For those who like to stay active, there is a fully equipped gym available. Additionally, the hotel provides a conference center for business events and meetings. Each morning, the hotel serves an excellent and hearty breakfast buffet, providing a delightful start to the day.

    Garder Hotell og Konferansesenter

    If you’re looking for a place with soul, unlike the other industrial hotels found around Oslo Airport (which all tend to resemble each other and offer similar amenities), you might want to consider Garder Hotell og Konferansesenter. This modest hotel is located in the countryside, just a short distance from the airport on the western side. It boasts ample free private parking, a decent restaurant, a bar, and a lovely garden.

    While it may not be overly luxurious, Garder Hotell og Konferansesenter is a charming local business that captivated us with its traditional style, welcoming and personal atmosphere, and the good breakfast served each morning. The best part is that the breakfast is always included in the rate, offering a wide selection of delicious local and international specialties.

    Best Western Plus Oslo Airport Hotel

    The Best Western Plus Oslo Airport Hotel is another popular hotel near the Gardermoen Airport, on the western side. It boasts modern rooms with a minimal and contemporary design, along with a decent restaurant, meeting rooms, and an exceptional breakfast buffet included in the rate. Early risers will be pleased to know that breakfast is available as early as 4 in the morning. One minor drawback is that parking is not free; however, despite this, the hotel remains a great option among the accommodations in the area.

    Gardermoen Hotel Bed & Breakfast

    The Gardermoen Hotel Bed & Breakfast is situated a little further away from the other Oslo Airport hotels, but it remains easily accessible by bus or private shuttle. Housed in a large, charming traditional-style building, it offers a delightful option for travelers seeking a more intimate and authentic experience, preferring to support local businesses instead of staying at one of the many international chains.

    Notably, this hotel stands out as one of the most budget-friendly options near Oslo Airport. While providing basic amenities, it still ensures guests’ comfort and cleanliness in its rooms. The inclusive breakfast offers a decent start to the day, and the on-site restaurant serves simple yet delicious dishes. Guests can enjoy the added perk of complimentary parking during their stay.

    Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen

    Situated on the main road leading to Oslo, less than 10 km from Oslo Gardermoen Airport, the Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen stands as an excellent choice for travelers. It particularly appeals to business travelers, offering modern and spacious rooms at a reasonable price, along with a fabulous breakfast buffet included in the package. The only drawback is that breakfast is served from 6 am onwards. We did not like that the parking is paid (and quite expensive) even though the hotel is along the road, right next to a petrol station and rest area.

    Cathinka Guldbergs Hotell Gardermoen

    Just opposite the aforementioned hotel is the Cathinka Guldbergs Hotell Gardermoen. This hotel operates within an active hospital, serving as a large and modern clinic with some of its rooms rented out for accommodation. Such arrangements may not be uncommon in Norway, as I’ve encountered similar hotels combining facilities with clinics, sports centers, and more in other cities.

    Despite this unusual setup, the hotel offers a tranquil and clean atmosphere. The breakfast provided is relatively basic and served in a canteen shared with patients. However, the rates are affordable, although once again, parking comes at an additional cost. One of the great advantages is the presence of a nice heated indoor pool!

    Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport

    Those looking for a quality hotel near Oslo Airport might also want to take a look at the Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport, which offers elegant and comfortable rooms, complete with a good buffet breakfast included in the price. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of the on-site gym and sauna, along with a decent restaurant serving local and international cuisines. Situated on the western side of the airport, the hotel also boasts a vast conference center, making it a preferred option among business travelers. Parking is available but comes at an additional cost.

    Scandic Oslo Airport

    Of course, there is also a solution from the most renowned Scandinavian hotel chain: the Scandic Oslo Airport is another good hotel near the Oslo Gardermoen Airport providing modern and comfortable rooms, complete with a good buffet breakfast included in the rate. Additionally, guests can enjoy access to a gym and a couple of restaurants serving both Scandinavian and international specialties, along with a selection of decent drinks and cocktails. Unfortunately, even here the parking requires an extra fee

    How to get from Oslo Gardermoen Airport Hotels to the City Centre

    Getting from Oslo Airport to the city center is incredibly easy. The most popular and efficient option is the express train, which conveniently runs between Oslo Central Station and the airport in just 20 minutes. Alternatively, you have the choice of a comfortable private transfer, highly recommended for families or groups, providing a direct ride to your hotel. Of course, there are other public transport solutions available as well. Additionally, for those who prefer the freedom of having their own vehicle, car rental services are conveniently located at the airport. To find the best car rental deals in Oslo, considering factors like quality, reliability and affordability, you can check out or

    Now, let’s explore all the public transport options available:


    There are two main train options to travel between Oslo Gardermoen Airport and the City Centre. The first option is the Flytoget Airport Express Train, which departs from Oslo Central Station and the airport approximately every 10 minutes during the day. In the early morning, late at night and on weekends the frequency is every 20 minutes. This express train offers a quick and efficient journey, taking only about 20 minutes to reach the city centre. Prices from 230 NOK one way.

    The second option is to take the regular trains operated by the national railway company Vy. This is also an excellent option, with over 50 departures per day and an average of three departures per hour in both directions, and an average journey time of just 23 minutes. Tickets can be bought online or at ticketing machines in the station, fares start at 118 NOK. If you have the Oslo Pass you may be entitled to a reduction (about half the price): to do this you will have to buy an additional ticket for the train, asking at the Oslo Visitor Center next to the station.


    The Flybussen Express Bus operates several routes between Oslo Airport, the city centre and the surrounding boroughs. The service runs almost around the clock, making it a convenient choice for various arrival times. The travel time from the airport to the city center by bus typically takes between 40 to 50 minutes. To check departure times, routes, and purchase tickets, you can visit Flybussen’s website. Prices from 229 NOK.

    Taxi or Private Transfer

    Several taxi companies offer fixed rates for their airport taxis. The price of the taxi ride depends on factors such as the time of day, the number of passengers and your destination or pickup point. Upon arrival at the airport, you can find the taxi information counter in the arrivals hall. Otherwise you could pre-book a comfortable private transfer, with a professional driver who will be waiting for you at the arrivals.

    FAQs about Oslo Airport Hotels

    What are the best hotels near Oslo Airport?

    The top-rated hotels near Oslo Airport are the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Oslo Gardermoen, Radisson RED Oslo Airport, and Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Oslo Airport. These hotels stand out as they are conveniently situated just a short walk away from the airport terminals. Additionally, they offer easy access to the nearby train station and public transportation, making it hassle-free to reach the city center.

    On the other hand, the remaining hotels are located at a distance of more than 10 km from the terminals, necessitating an additional and potentially expensive fee for shuttle or taxi services to and from the airport.

    What are the average rates for Oslo Airport Hotels?

    Expect to pay on average between NOK 1680 (€150) and NOK 2015 (€180) for a good standard hotel near the airport, and between NOK 1060 (€95) and NOK 1680 (€150) for a more modest hotel. If you opt for a hotel other than the three located across from the terminals, consider adding NOK 160 (€15-16) per person (with the shuttle) or NOK 600 (€55-60) per car (for a taxi) for the transportation needed to get to and from the hotel to the airport.

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