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Welcome to Norwegian Routes, not just another travel blog about Norway, but a resource designed by huge Far North enthusiasts, for travelers and enthusiasts (just like us) who want to explore and discover the wonders of these wild lands!

My name is Karl, and I am a journalist, photographer and naturalist. I have lived and worked in Tromsø and some remote villages in the county of Troms og Finnmark, in the remote north of Norway, where the Northern Lights dance above the snowy landscape every night. For many years, I have explored the country’s far-reaching wilderness, from the frozen tundra of Lapland to the rugged fjords of the west coast. I have lived in some of Scandinavia’s most remote places, across Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Lapland. I also lived for a short time in picturesque Bergen, and in fabulous Finnish Karelia, a land dotted with forests and myriad lakes.

My main goal is to provide an in-depth guide to Norway, covering everything from the must-see tourist destinations to the hidden gems that are off the beaten path. Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and skiing or you’re more of a culture vulture, I wish you could better plan your adventure. But, as I learned the hard way, there is often superficial and misleading information on the web and there are not many comprehensive and detailed guides. So, with some friends of mine we thought: hey, why don’t we make some kind of online guide for all those who – like us – want to explore Norway and other beautiful places in the Arctic at its best?

I have always been fascinated by Norway’s natural beauty and rich culture. From the rugged fjords and towering mountains of the west, to the Arctic tundra of the north, Norway is a land of contrasts and diversity. As a naturalist, I have a deep appreciation for the country’s flora and fauna, and I love to explore the many hiking trails, national parks and wilderness areas that Norway has to offer.

As a journalist and photographer, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting stories and perspectives. Therefore, Norwegian Routes aims to provide useful information for anyone interested in the indigenous Sami culture and their way of life. Having lived in the northern region of Lapland, I had the opportunity to gain experience with traditional Sámi reindeer herding, and I’ve had the privilege of staying with the locals in their traditional lavvu tents and learning about their ancient way of life.

So, with this blog we are keen to provide you with all the practical information you need on the best things to do and see and tips to help you plan your own trip to Norway. We would like to take you away from the usual overcrowded tourist stops, and allow you to better experience Norway’s authentic charm, secret places, hidden gems, discover local food and culture, history and heritage. We would like to share our experiences and stories from these remote and wild places, and I will also provide tips and advice on how to safely and responsibly explore these areas.

But, besides me, all this is made possible thanks to the commitment and passion of a group of friends I met during my travels and university studies. They, like me, have a huge passion for Norway and the Nordic countries. Together, we decided to create this blog for other people and travelers like us.

The first to share with me the desire to create this blog was Mirko, a seasoned traveller, journalist and photographer. He was born in Italy, but he has made the world his home. He has traveled extensively in the Orient and post-Soviet countries, but his heart belongs to the Far North. He has lived in Northern Norway and frequently travels through the Nordic countries for work. He is the managing editor of this blog and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. And also, surely, he will take you on a journey through Norway’s most beautiful landscapes, captured through his lens.

Soon after, Eline, a content creator who loves the Far North and arctic wildlife, joined. Eline has lived in the Lofoten Islands for a long time and is a digital communication consultant. But her main passions are dog breeding and backpacking. If she could, she would live alone in a tent somewhere in Lapland. She will share with you the best tips on hiking and outdoor activities.

Lastly, there is Maria, a content creator, videomaker, and expert in hospitality. Maria is a certified professional chef and has collaborated for years in the management of small hotels, restaurants and guesthouses. She also worked in a communication agency specialized in tourism and destination marketing. She too has an immense passion for the Far North and for the unique places across the Nordic countries. She will help you discover the best places to stay and eat and will give you tips on how to make the most out of your stay in Norway.

So, whether you are a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip to Norway, we hope you find this blog useful and inspiring! And if you are planning your trip, we hope you can fully discover the true spirit of Norway.

Let’s discover Norway, responsibly!

One thing that is very close to our hearts is to promote the culture of conscientious and sustainable travel, both from an ethical and an environmental point of view. For this reason, in our guides we will try, when possible, to promote responsible ways of travel, which have a positive impact on the local economy of small villages and small local family-run businesses. Our commitment is to recommend only quality tours, conducted in an ethical and sustainable manner, by local agencies, guides and tour operators. This is to help preserve the local culture, and encourage respect for the locals. Norway has a wonderful yet fragile ecosystem and cultural heritage. Over-tourism could irreversibly damage this heritage, so every traveler should act responsibly.

We are also proud that this blog is hosted in a data center powered exclusively by carbon-neutral green energy.

Let’s get in touch!

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Please note that this is just a travel blog, we are not a travel agency or tour operator.