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Cheap Hotels in Trondheim: TOP 5 Budget-Friendly Stays

    If you’re in search of cheap hotels in Trondheim, this guide could prove to be quite useful. Much like in other Norwegian cities, discovering suitable budget-friendly accommodations isn’t a walk in the park. However, after multiple visits to this lively city in Central Norway, I’ve become adept at locating commendable hotels for under €100 per night. My preference lies in a combination of value for money and a central location, prioritizing these aspects over the more lavish and pricey options available in Trondheim. While the city does boast luxurious hotels, my aim is to uncover practical yet comfortable choices that won’t break the bank, leveraging my familiarity with the area to benefit fellow travelers.

    Trondheim offers an inviting blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. However, it is also a highly popular city among business travelers, as it stands as one of the largest in Norway. Additionally, it serves as a favored cruise port, causing rates to skyrocket during the summer. Nevertheless, this does not imply that there is a lack of cheap hotels in Trondheim. Ranging from cozy inns and guesthouses to budget-friendly hotels in the city center, there are some great choices for the frugal explorer. Let’s embark on a journey to discover them!

    Best Cheap Hotels in Trondheim

    Pilegrimsgården Hotell og Gjestegård

    Nestled by the tranquil banks of the river, the Pilegrimsgården Hotell og Gjestegård, also known as Nidaros Pilegrimsgård, stands as an unassuming gem in Trondheim’s hospitality scene. A historical haven for pilgrims traversing the Route of Saint Olav Ways, that once catered exclusively to weary pilgrims making the awesome journey to Nidaros Cathedral, this unpretentious abode has evolved into a welcoming sanctuary for all travelers. While its rates have seen a moderate uptick in recent times, the enduring allure of this establishment lies in its genuine value for money.

    The Pilegrimsgården‘s allure is not cloaked in opulence, but rather rooted in its authentic ambiance. The rooms, though modest, extend a warm invitation that transcends their simplicity. A heartfelt hospitality ethos pervades the establishment, epitomized by the complimentary flowing tea and coffee, best savored on the sun-soaked outdoor terrace. For approximately 1500 NOK (roughly €130), guests secure a double room for the night, complete with a nourishing breakfast showcasing local produce, a comforting experience, enjoyed within the snug confines of their café. While the summertime dormitory option beckons budget-conscious travelers, a tariff hovering around 700 NOK underscores that “cheap” here is a relative term.

    Positioned centrally, the hotel affords easy access to cultural gems like Nidaros Cathedral and the Erkebispegården Museum, both a mere three-minute stroll away. The practical perks of free WiFi and a private parking spot (for an additional fee of NOK 150) are thoughtful touches. Pilegrimsgården Hotell og Gjestegård thrives as a gateway to the quaint Bakklandet district, famous for its wooden houses, an inviting 300-meter jaunt away. In the summer, a reprieve can be sought on the garden terrace, and Streif Bakeri & Café onsite offers light fare while you bask in the riverside vista.

    Trondheim Vandrerhjem

    Trondheim Vandrerhjem stands out as a prime choice for both budget-conscious travelers and those seeking a cozy Nordic retreat. With its minimalist yet inviting design, this modern hostel offers a genuine home-away-from-home experience just a short 10-minute stroll from the city’s core. The charm of its clean, contemporary rooms and communal spaces is complemented by an informal social zone, a well-equipped guest kitchen, self-service laundry amenities and a convenient parking garage.

    Situated a mere 1.2 kilometers from the city center, Trondheim Vandrerhjem boasts a strategic location. The Solsiden restaurant and shopping district lie within a mere 600-meter radius, while a nearby supermarket rests a mere 400 meters away, ensuring convenience at your doorstep. This haven is not limited to backpackers, as it presents an array of options from 4-person dormitories, available in mixed and female-only variants (around 550 NOK or €50 per person), to well-appointed double and family rooms with shared bathrooms, starting at 1000 NOK or approximately €90. The ample and well-maintained bathrooms offer a suitable compromise for guests.

    Nestled in a tranquil setting, this haven strikes a balance between serenity and accessibility, with a mere 10-15-minute walk to downtown Trondheim. Given its allure and popularity, early reservations, particularly during peak seasons, are advisable to secure your spot at this Trondheim gem.

    City Living Sentrum Hotel

    Nestled in the heart of Trondheim, the City Living Sentrum Hotel stands as an affordable gem for travelers. Just a stone’s throw from the train station, a brisk 5-minute jaunt from Torget Square, and an easy 800 meters from the iconic Nidaros Cathedral, this hotel finds itself tucked within a lively street adorned with an array of dining spots, pubs, and after-dark haunts.

    The accommodations cater to various needs, with options of single, double and triple rooms featuring private bathrooms. For those seeking more space and convenience, well-appointed apartments designed for up to 4 occupants offer a cozy living room, kitchenette, and another private bathroom. The rates hover around €100 for doubles, €125 for triples, and slightly more for the spacious apartments – a justified trade-off for heightened comfort.

    Though modest in nature, the hotel boasts cleanliness and comfort, proving itself as a prime launchpad for city exploration. Expect the essentials – a flat-screen TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, a fridge, and an electric kettle. Situated a mere 50 meters from the bustling Nordre Gate pedestrian street, the City Living Sentrum Hotel beckons as a practical choice for an urban stay in Trondheim.

    P-Hotels Brattøra

    The P-Hotels Brattøra is likely the most popular among the cheap hotels in Trondheim, and the reason is easy to understand: it is situated in the heart of the city, offers excellent value for money, modern and comfortable rooms—though very basic—and family rooms at reasonable prices, featuring simple bunk beds and private bathrooms with showers. Positioned adjacent to Trondheim Central Station, this waterfront establishment is a brief five-minute stroll from the bustling Nordre Gate thoroughfare.

    Ensuite amenities include complimentary WiFi, a flat-screen TV, and workspace essentials. Adding to its charm, the hotel presents a sun terrace granting panoramic vistas of the cityscape and the enchanting Munkholmen island. The 11th-century Nidaros Cathedral stands a mere 15-minute walk away, underlining the hotel’s accessibility. Embracing both budget travelers and business voyagers, the establishment caters to those seeking simplicity and cost-effectiveness without compromising comfort. Its provision of work-friendly spaces and reliable WiFi further resonates with digital nomads, while conference and training facilities bolster its versatility.

    City Living Schøller Hotel

    The City Living Schøller Hotel has been one of the most popular cheap hotels in Trondheim for over a decade. Nestled quietly at the heart of Trondheim, it stands as a favored choice for budget-conscious travelers. Its unassuming facade belies its central location, just across from the esteemed Stiftsgården royal residence. The accommodations, though modest, embrace functionality and comfort, offering a range of rooms and apartments.

    A night’s stay begins at approximately €80-90 for a double room, while roomy apartments catering to four start around €120. Shared bathrooms come as standard, with a fridge in every room and a handy kitchenette in the apartments. In addition to a communal kitchen, guests can avail themselves of a laundry room. The hotel’s prime position places it a mere 200 meters from lively Torvet Square, teeming with entertainment and shops, and an easy 8-minute stroll from the Nidaros Cathedral.

    Practical Tips for Your Trip to Trondheim

    If you are planning your trip, then you should take a look at our guide to the best things to do in Trondheim. You may also want to consider the best hotels in Trondheim, as for just a little more money, you could treat yourself to a more comfortable stay in one of the excellent hotels in the heart of the city. These hotels boast renowned restaurants, beautiful views, and world-class comfort. Here you can also find a guide to Trondheim Airport, with handy tips on how to get from the airport to the city centre.

    Nestled on Norway’s western coast, Trondheim offers a blend of history and modernity that’s worth uncovering. The city’s history comes alive at the Archbishop’s Palace Museum, where medieval artifacts take center stage. For a different vibe, head to Rockheim, the national museum of pop and rock, where interactive exhibits chronicle Norway’s music scene.

    Don’t miss a stroll across Gamle Bybro, the charming old town bridge spanning the Nidelva River, leading you to Bakklandet‘s quaint streets lined with wooden houses. Hike up to Kristiansten Fortress for panoramic views over the city, which are especially captivating during sunset. Also, don’t miss the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum, an open-air museum that allows you to explore dozens of historic buildings, providing insight into life in Trondheim and the surrounding region a few centuries ago.

    When hunger strikes, indulge in local flavors like the creamy fish stew known as klippfisk at Baklandet Skydsstation. Trondheim’s energy is amplified by students from NTNU, the city’s university, infusing youthful exuberance into its atmosphere. Whether you’re intrigued by history, enticed by modern culture, or simply drawn to its welcoming ambiance, Trondheim promises a Nordic adventure that seamlessly combines tradition with contemporary allure.