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Tromsø Hostels & Cheap Hotels from 15 €: Tips & Reviews

    Are you looking for a good hostel in Tromsø? Great, you are in the right place! Here you will find a carefully curated selection of the best cheap places to stay in Tromsø. Discover the advice of locals and travelers like you on the best hostels and budget hotels in town!

    Tromsø is known to be quite an expensive destination and hotel rates tend to skyrocket in the summer and winter months. Backpackers and travelers on a budget have only a few decent budget options. In this guide we’ve reviewed the best: only clean, comfortable and safe places, with the best value for money.

    In Tromsø, as in many other places in Norway, there are few hostel-style options. Prices are affordable, but couples and families would be better off considering a private room in a cheap hotel for a better price and more comfort. So, in this guide you will also find a selection of the best budget hotels in Tromsø, with nice and cool places at very affordable prices!

    TOP 10 Great Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Tromsø

    Tromso Activities Hostel

    Located in the city center, within easy reach of the old town and all major attractions, the Tromso Activities Hostel is the only real hostel in Tromsø and offers some of the cheapest accommodation in town.

    This small family-run hostel is set in an old traditional wooden house and offers basic accommodation in 3-4 bed mixed dorms, as well as some 3-4 bed female-only dorms. Shared toilets and showers are clean enough, as is the rest of the hostel. It is a decent and cheap place to stay in Tromsø: everything is very basic, but it is sufficient for backpackers traveling on a tight budget.

    There is a large fully equipped kitchen and a common room, plus there are a couple of kitchenettes in some of the rooms. There is also a laundry room (for a fee). The hostel is located in a very quiet area and has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Reception closes at 8pm, but if you arrive later just text them on (if you’ve booked there) and they’ll get you an easy self-checkin. Again, it’s very basic, but it’s a decent and quiet hostel. It is worth the money.

    Auroras Friends Apartment

    Located next to the Tromso Activities Hostel and within easy reach of all major attractions, Auroras Friends Apartment is another affordable hostel in Tromsø. It is actually a large traditional house, with some 2-4 bed dorms. Modernly furnished, clean and comfortable, this is a good place to stay in Tromsø for those traveling on a tight budget.

    Not the ideal place for socializing, but good for sleeping. You will have a fully equipped kitchen, two shared bathrooms, a laundry room and free luggage storage. Imho, it would need more toilets and showers, as it can accommodate 20 people. Still, it’s good enough for the price. Big plus: it has free private parking.

    Tromsø Lodge & Camping

    Located in the quiet neighborhood of Tromsdalen, opposite the city center, near the Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø Lodge & Camping is one of the best cheap hotels in Tromsø.

    It boasts fabulous cottages and cabins on a beautiful campsite, situated along a popular river for fishing and in an area famous for its hiking trails, nature walks and proximity to Tromsø’s ski resorts. From here you can reach the city center in 30 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car.

    The smaller and cheaper cottages have a fridge, kitchenette and can benefit from shared facilities such as a large fully equipped kitchen, dining rooms, shared bathrooms and showers. They can accommodate up to 2 people.

    The larger cottages are fabulous, have large windows, super-comfy beds, private bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens. They also have a large living room and terrace, and can accommodate up to 5 adults.

    Tromsø Lodge & Camping is surrounded by a large park, with picnic and barbecue spots, a bar, a sports center and a sauna. It is also a good option for those traveling by car, as it offers ample free private parking.

    Tromso CoCo Apartments

    Located in the heart of Tromsø, within walking distance of all attractions, Tromso CoCo Apartments is another great hostel in Tromsø offering cheap accommodation in mixed 2-3 bed dorms. Housed in a nice modern apartment, perfectly located close to shops and supermarkets, this family-run hostel boasts comfortable beds and a quiet atmosphere perfect for a good rest.

    The hostel is spotlessly clean, has a fully equipped kitchen, a common room, a laundry room with washer and dryer, and shared toilets and showers. In the bathroom there is all the essentials, such as soap and shower gel. This hostel is amazing: you will hardly find cheap accommodation in Tromsø with better value for money!

    Tromsø City Apartments

    Located right next to the Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø City Apartments is a beautiful and super comfortable 1-bedroom apartment, perfect for a couple. The price is unbeatable, as is the value for money. It has only one cons: it’s almost always fully booked, so you’ll have to be lucky enough to stay there.

    The apartment, modernly furnished in Scandinavian style, has a cozy bedroom, comfortable beds, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a large private bathroom with complimentary toiletries, a fully equipped kitchen and a large living room with large windows with a view. You will also have a patio and garden. The ski slopes and dozens of hiking trails are just a step away.

    This is probably the best apartment in Tromsø for couples traveling on a budget. You will also benefit from free parking in front of the property.

    Enter Viking Hotel

    Located in the city center, less than 400 meters from the harbor and within easy reach of the main attractions, as well as supermarkets, restaurants and bars, the Enter Viking Hotel is one of the best cheap hotels in Tromsø.

    It has single, double and triple rooms with private bathroom with shower, comfortable beds, enough space for a couple or a small family, complimentary toiletries and free tea and coffee. You can also use the hotel’s fitness center for free. The hotel also has common areas, a laundry and a reception open 24 hours a day. It also has private parking (for a fee, not exactly cheap).

    Ami Hotel

    Another great cheap hotel in Tromsø is the Ami Hotel, located right in the heart of the town. Here you will find inexpensive double rooms with shared bathroom, as well as double and family rooms with private bathroom.

    The rooms are spacious and comfortable, plus you will benefit from a large fully equipped common kitchen, a dining room and a laundry room with washer and dryer. Plus you get free tea and coffee. The hotel also has vending machines for snacks and drinks and the reception is open 24 hours a day.

    Tromsø Hostels: What to Expect

    Tromsø is the most important town in Northern Norway and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Here are some of the region’s premier shops, restaurants, hotels and businesses, so it’s no surprise that especially on weekends it’s crowded with locals from villages hundreds of miles away. Tromsø is the cultural, administrative and economic heart of Northern Norway, and is also one of the cities with the most expensive cost of living in Europe.

    Especially in the high season, which would be May to September and November to early February, hotel and hostel rates in Tromsø tend to soar. Furthermore, at some events – such as the Tromsø International Film Festival which takes place in mid-January – the hotels may be fully booked.

    Moreover, the demand is huge, as Tromsø is a very popular destination in summer and winter, so it is essential to book well in advance. To make sure you find good accommodation and get the best rates, you should book a few months in advance.

    Coming to hostels, well, there are just a couple of hostels in Tromsø. But don’t expect extravagant European-style hostels, but something like a quiet and very basic youth hostel. No hostel parties, no glamorous bars and colorful rooms, just cheap bunk beds in the dorm and the essentials for a comfortable stay. A roof and a bed, with a bathroom and a kitchen. Doesn’t it look inviting? Well it is! Hotels in Tromsø could be really expensive and in comparison the more affordable rates of Tromsø hostels make this destination feasible even for those traveling on a budget.

    Couples would do well to look for a cheap hotel in Tromsø, as you might find great double rooms at a great price. In this guide I have also listed the best cheap hotels in Tromsø, so you can choose: sometimes for just a few coins more you’ll get a much more comfortable place. Anyway, I love Tromsø hostels: they are not as dirty and noisy as you might find around. They are decent, clean and quiet, with a few exceptions, but if you follow this guide you will be on the safe side. And if you’re a backpacker, you’ll end up loving them too!

    FAQs about Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Tromsø

    How much are hostels in Tromsø?

    Average prices of Tromsø hostels are 300-350 NOK or 30-35 € per night for a bed in a mixed dormitory. You can hardly find a cheaper price in a good hostel in Tromsø.
    Prices for a private room in a cheap hotel in Tromsø range from 70 to 100 € per night. If you are traveling between November and January (and especially over Christmas, New Year and mid-January) book several months in advance to get a better price.

    What are the best backpacker hostels in Tromsø?

    The best hostels for backpackers and solo travelers in Tromsø are the Tromso Activities Hostel, which offers a greater hostel vibe, and the Tromso CoCo Apartments, which is the best cheap option for those looking for a clean and decent place to stay.

    What are the best hostels and cheap hotels in Tromsø for couples?

    I would not recommend a couple to stay in one of the Tromsø hostels, as it is not cheap. For two beds in a dormitory you would spend more than for a good double room in a cheap hotel. A great budget option for couples is Tromsø Lodge & Camping. Also check out the Tromsø City Apartments: it sells like hot cakes, but it’s the best.

    Other Useful Tips for Your Trip

    Are you planning your trip to Tromsø? Here you will find lots of useful information, guides and tips to better plan your trip!